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Gujarat is a State on the western coast of India, having many good sites to visit.

Make Unforgettable Memories On Your Saurashtra Darshan From Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad - Dwarka - Somnath

3N/4D Temple and Beach Tour

Saurashtra is a special part of Gujarat on the western side. It is famous for its colorful folk culture. The music, dances, art, and tasty foods are loved by all. Long ago, Saurashtra was an important place for business and trade. Many ports were there on the coastline for ships to come.

Choosing Gujarat Tour Guide’s Saurashtra Darshan from Ahmedabad tour package will be an enlightening journey for sure. The nature is beautiful in Saurashtra and the calm beaches and pretty hills will absolutely sway you away. Saurashtra has so much for you to see, hear, and taste. On the Saurashtra Darshan tour from Ahmedabad, you can witness bright traditions and try their delicious local foods.

Embark on your Saurashtra Darshan from Ahmedabad with the Gujarat Tour Guide to make unforgettable memories.


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Best Places To Visit On The Saurashtra Tour From Ahmedabad

  • Dwarkadhish Temple: This grand temple in Dwarka is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is a major pilgrimage site.
  • Bet Dwarka: It is a beautiful island off the coast of Dwarka, known for its peaceful atmosphere and ancient temples.
  • Nageshwar Jyotirlinga: This is one of the twelve revered Jyotirlingas (sacred lingams) of Lord Shiva.
  • Rukmani Temple: This temple in Dwarka is dedicated to Rukmani, the principal wife of Lord Krishna.
  • Shivrajpur Beach: It is a serene and picturesque beach near Dwarka, perfect for relaxation and enjoying the coastal beauty.
  • Gandhi Ashram, Porbandar: This ashram in Porbandar is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and holds great historical significance.
  • Sudama Temple, Porbandar: This temple in Porbandar is dedicated to Lord Krishna's friend, Sudama.
  • Somnath Mahadev Jyotirlinga: This ancient temple in Somnath is one of the most sacred Jyotirlinga shrines and a revered pilgrimage site.
  • Bhalka Tirth: This spiritual site in Somnath is known for its holy water tank and is believed to have healing powers.
  • Triveni Sangam: It is the confluence of three rivers (Hiranya, Kapila, and Saraswati) near Somnath, considered sacred by Hindus.
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Day 1

Arrival and Transfer to Dwarka

  • Pick-up from Ahmedabad/Rajkot/Jamnagar Airport/Railway Station
  • Drive to Dwarka
  • Check-in at the hotel in Dwarka
  • Overnight stay in Dwarka


Day 2

Exploring Dwarka

  • Begin the day with a delicious breakfast
  • Visit the iconic Dwarkadhish Temple
  • Explore Bet Dwarka, an island off the coast of Dwarka
  • Visit the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga and Rukmani Temple
  • Relax at the beautiful Shivrajpur Beach
  • Overnight stay in Dwarka

Day 3

Porbandar and Somnath

  • Enjoy breakfast and check out from the hotel
  • Visit the Gandhi Ashram and Sudama Temple in Porbandar
  • In the evening, witness the mesmerizing Somnath Mahadev Jyotirlinga
  • Check-in at the hotel in Somnath
  • Overnight stay in Somnath


Day 4


  • Start the day with a hearty breakfast
  • Visit Bhalka Tirth and witness the holy Triveni Sangam
  • Return journey to Ahmedabad
  • Drop-off at the Railway Station/Airport
  • Saurashtra Darshan from Ahmedabad tour ends with sweet memories

Things To Do On Saurashtra Darshan Tour Package From Ahmedabad

Weekend Getaways:

  • Spend a fun weekend in Dwarka, feeling peaceful at the holy places and enjoying the beautiful Shivrajpur Beach.
  • Visit the famous Somnath Mahadev Temple and other holy sites like Bhalka Tirth and Triveni Sangam on your Saurashtra Darshan tour package from Ahmedabad.


  • Go to the Sudama Memorial Museum in Porbandar to learn about the life story of Sudama and Lord Krishna's friendship.
  • Visit the Gandhi Smriti Museum in Porbandar to know more about Mahatma Gandhi's life and teachings.

Golf Tourism:

  • Play a round of golf at the Dwarka Golf Course, surrounded by green gardens and nice views as an activity on your Saurashtra Darshan tour package from Ahmedabad.

Art & Craft:

  • See the beautiful stone carvings and old buildings at the Dwarkadhish Temple and other ancient temples in the area.
  • Explore the local handicraft markets in Dwarka and Somnath to buy unique souvenirs and traditional artworks.
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Try The Local Cuisine On The Saurashtra Darshan Tour From Ahmedabad

  • Ringan no Odo / Baingan Bharta - Roasted brinjals (eggplants) tossed with garlic and spices.
  • Vagharelo Rotlo - Indian bread made with jowar or bajra millet tossed in a tangy, spicy gravy.
  • Gir Kesar Mango Ras - Juice made from the famous Gir Kesar mangoes which have a Geographical Indication (GI) tag.
  • Gujarati Thali - Includes dishes like alu gobi curry, safed vatana curry, Gujarati kadhi, khichdi, sambhar, and rotis.
  • Churma Ladoo and Magas Ladoo - Ghee-laden sweet prasad available at Somnath Temple.
  • Tender Coconut Barfi - Fresh and delicious coconut barfi bought from a stall near Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple.
  • Pakoras / Fritters and Chana Jor Garam Chaat - Street food delicacies enjoyed at Bet Dwarka.
  • Puran Poli - Hot puran poli dunked in ghee, served as part of the elaborate Gujarati thali at The Grand Thakar restaurant in Ahmedabad.
  • Sev Khamni / Amiri Khaman, White Sandwich Dhoklas, Mini Samosas, and Khandvi - Popular Gujarati breakfast items.
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FAQ about Saurashtra Darshan Tour

Q. What is the major highlight of the Saurashtra Darshan From Ahmedabad?
Saurashtra Darshan From Ahmedabad tour is famous for its vibrant folk culture, including music, dance, art, and rich cuisine.
Q. What is the local language of Saurashtra?
Gujarati, Hindi, and English are locally spoken languages of the region.
Q. What sets Gujarat Tour Guide’s Saurashtra Darshan tour package from Ahmedabad apart?
Gujarat Tour Guide offers custom-made Saurashtra Darshan tour packages from Ahmedabad, budget-friendly options, and a dedicated support team during the tour.
Q. How Long is the Saurashtra Darshan from Ahmedabad tour plan?
Our Saurashtra Darshan from Ahmedabad is a 3N/4D tour plan.