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Gujarat is a State on the western coast of India, having many good sites to visit.

Dwarka Somnath Tour Package with Gir National Park

Ahmedabad - Dwarka - Somnath - Sasan Gir

4N/5D Temple, Safari and Beach Tour

Witness Dwarka's rich cultural history and Somnath’s timeless beauty -then, go into the wilds of Gir National Park, which is home to the majestic Asiatic lion - all with the Gujarat Tour Guide. Book our Dwarka Somnath Tour Package with Gir National Park included, you can enjoy the natural beauty of this untouched refuge, which is full of colorful plants and wild animals. Every place you visit has its own special mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. As tours and travel service providers in Gujarat, We will be sure you have an unforgettable experience during your tour.


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Best Places To Visit On The Dwarka Somnath Tour Package with Gir National Park

  • Dwarkadhish Temple: This is a very famous and holy temple in Dwarka. Witness the magic of this holy pilgrimage on this tour.
  • Bet Dwarka: Bet Dwarka is a small island just off the coast of Dwarka. You can take a short boat ride to visit this island.
  • Nageshwar Jyotirlinga: This is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, which are sacred shrines for Lord Shiva. It has a special Shiva lingam.
  • Rukmini Temple: This temple is dedicated to Rukmini, who was Lord Krishna's chief queen. It has beautiful carvings and architecture.
  • Shivrajpur Beach: This is a long, clean beach in Dwarka where you can relax and enjoy the coastline views.
  • Porbandar Gandhi Ashram: This was one of Mahatma Gandhi's ashrams (spiritual homes) where he lived for some time. You can see where he stayed.
  • Somnath Mahadev Jyotirlinga: Another of the twelve sacred Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. This temple has a long history and beautiful architecture.
  • Bhalka Tirth and Triveni Sangam: These are holy places in Somnath where three rivers meet (Triveni Sangam). You can take a holy dip here.
  • Gir National Park: This famous park is the only place in the world to see Asiatic lions in the wild! The jeep safari lets you try spotting them.
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Day 1

  • We'll pick you up from Ahmedabad, Rajkot or Jamnagar airport/railway station
  • Travel to the city of Dwarka
  • Check into your Dwarka hotel
  • Overnight stay in Dwarka


Day 2

  • Have breakfast at the hotel
  • Visit and pray at the famous Dwarkadhish Temple
  • See Bet Dwarka island
  • Visit Nageshwar Jyotirlinga and Rukmini Temple
  • Relax at Shivrajpur Beach
  • Overnight stay in Dwarka

Day 3

  • Breakfast and check-out from hotel
  • Visit Porbandar's Gandhi Ashram and Sudama Temple
  • Evening prayers at Somnath Mahadev Jyotirlinga
  • Night stay in Somnath

Day 4

  • Breakfast and check-out
  • See Bhalka Tirth and Triveni Sangam
  • Travel to Sasan Gir
  • Check into a Gir resort
  • 4-7pm jeep safari in Gir National Park to spot lions!
  • Overnight in Gir resort

Day 5

  • Breakfast and check-out from resort
  • Return to Ahmedabad
  • Drop-off options: Rajkot, Jamnagar or Ahmedabad
  • Tour ends, taking home sweet Gujarat memories!

Best Time To Opt For The Dwarka Somnath Tour Package with Gir National Park

These are the best months to visit the places covered in this Dwarka Somnath Tour Package with Gir National Park:

  • October to December is the peak tourist season in Gujarat. The weather is pleasant and cool, making it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities like the Gir safari.
  • June, July, August, and September can still be warm and humid, though temperatures start dropping towards the end.

Common Languages Of Dwarka & Somnath

The primary language spoken in Dwarka and Somnath is Gujarati, reflecting the predominant Gujarati population in these areas. Additionally, due to the influx of tourists, Hindi and English are also commonly used languages, facilitating communication for visitors exploring these historic destinations.

Shopping In Dwarka & Somnath

Dwarka is home to some renowned marketplaces that offer a diverse shopping experience.. Somnath entices visitors with its wide array of items sold in various marketplaces, including wall hangings, quilts, wedding attire, cradle garments, and animal accessories, making it a must-visit destination for those looking for unique finds. The big Somnath street market is popular for selling home decor things, novelties, bangles, clothes, dresses, mens T-shirts, etc. Bathan Chowk in Dwarka is a local market that you can also visit to buy traditional items.

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Things To Eat In Dwarka - Somnath - Gir National Park Tour Package

During your trip to Dwarka, Somnath, and Gir National Park, make sure to try some delicious local dishes. Start your day with Poha, a tasty breakfast made with flattened rice, veggies, and spices. Then, dig into Khichdi, a comforting mix of rice and lentils. For something spicy, go for Lasaniya Mamra, a curry with eggplant and lots of garlic, or try Fansi nu Shak, a dry vegetable curry with tender cluster beans. Don't miss out on Methina Gota, sweet dumplings made with fenugreek leaves and jaggery, or Ladwa, sweet balls made with gram flour and sugar syrup. And for snacks, try Khakhra, crispy crackers made from rice and lentils, Thepla, soft flatbread with spices and butter, Gathiya, savory spiral snacks made from gram flour, or Dabeli, spiced potato filling in a bun with chutneys and sev on top.

What You Will Witness In Sasan Gir National Park

Sasan Gir, also known as Gir National Park, is a unique place because it's the only home to Asiatic Lions. It's full of hills and dry forests with teak trees. Apart from lions, you can see leopards, wild pigs, spotted deer, and other animals like nilgai and chinkaras. There's even a water hole with crocodiles! Plus, there's a temple dedicated to Krishna near Tulsi-Shyam Springs.

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Book Our Dwarka Somnath Tour Package with Gir National Park

Join our special tour package to explore Dwarka, Somnath, and Gir National Park effortlessly. Discover Dwarka's history, Somnath's beauty, and Gir's wildlife with the Gujarat Tour Guide. Enjoy a hassle-free journey tailored to your preferences. Book our Dwarka Somnath Tour Package with Gir National Park today to explore.

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Q. Which famous temples can you visit during the Dwarka Somnath Tour Package with Gir National Park?
Dwarkadhish Temple, Bet Dwarka, Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, Rukmini Temple, and Somnath Mahadev Jyotirlinga are among the must-visit temples on the Dwarka Somnath Tour Package with Gir National Park.
Q. What exciting activities can you enjoy at Gir National Park?
Experience a thrilling jeep safari to spot Asiatic lions and other wildlife in their natural habitat.
Q. When is the best time to opt for this tour package?
The ideal months to opt for the Dwarka Somnath Tour Package with Gir National Park are October to December, during Gujarat's peak tourist season, or June to September.
Q. Why choose Gujarat Tour Guide for your trip?
Benefit from well-organized tours, personalized packages, budget-friendly options, immediate travel support, and convenient accommodations on your Dwarka Somnath Tour Package with Gir National Park.